Lift and Wheel Kits.

Get a boat lift wheel kit to make getting your boat lift in and out of water a breeze.

877. Because of the stability of the four-post lift design, the Caster Kit accessory allows BendPak HD-7 and HD-9 series.

Current price is 759.

Corner Assist Kit-Large (2) Lift Ease Wheel Kit.

120" HYDRAULIC CANOPY LEGS (4). . Fits up to 8 3/8" wide speaders.

Mar 22, 2023 · Hewitt Lift Ease Wheel Kit designed to roll the boat hoist in and out of the lake.

Boat Lift Wheel Kit (Includes 2 Wheel Brackets, Hardware and 2-27" Wheels) 20-1/2" of adjustment. With this retractable wheel kit, efficiently move your boat lift or dock by yourself. The airtight wheels each provide about 60 pounds of flotation to lighten the lift while moving it.

. A manual boat lift is the most cost effective and simple operation.

Boat Lift Wheel Kit (Includes 2 Wheel Brackets, Hardware and 2-27″ Wheels) 20-1/2″ of adjustment.

AC 120 Volt (House Current) Adjustable spring tensioner.

. 700lb lifting capacity per jack.

Adjusts with cordless drill or wrench with 9/16" socket. com.

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LIFT EASE WHEEL KIT Pontoon / Deck Boats Auction Results.

69 on April 3, 2021.

Check out our kits and experience the difference.

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Quantity. If you want to level the lift, all you need is a wrench or cordless drill. When the lift is in place, unhook the wheels after removal of the hitch pin. Our accessories include wheel that mount to t. . Great for anyone that wants to keep the wheel on the boat lift.


A wheel kit lets you transport your equipment on wheels from one area to next. Hewitt Lift Ease Wheel Kit.

Other advantages include a steeper approach and the possibility to.

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Large Aluminum Lift Pad With Hardware.

All instructions included.